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Hi my name is Misty. I am a wife and mother to six, beautiful children. We currently reside in Southwest Florida.  My children range from seventeen years of age to eight. My youngest two are fraternal twins. It can get chaotic and crazy, but I love every minute of it. Amber is our resident feline and snuggle bunny.


I am living with CHF (chronic heart failure) with no known cause. I had my first heart attack at 32, my second at 34. It was then I made the decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle. I started getting involved with the Heart Community. Providing support to other women that were going through the fear of early heart failure. My main goal is to educate all women on heart health and how to prevent heart disease.

I am also active in the child loss community. Fifteen years ago I lost my daughter due to complications from a birth that caused brain damage. That was the hardest time in my life. The amount of support and love from the online community saved my life. I share her story and life for other survivors to know they are not alone. You can find her blog here.

I am a nurse by profession. I would love to say I chose it, however it chose me. At the time of my daughter's death I was a certified nursing assistant. After she passed away I wanted to further my education to give back. My daughter's nurses gave so much of themselves to our family. I wanted to make that difference in someone's life. I found my calling working with Alzheimer and hospice patients. My husband followed in my footsteps. He became a nurse two years ago.

Life is a gift. Everyday is a new chance to make memories and make a difference. I plan on never wasting a moment of it!

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