Friday, June 5, 2015

Kair Takes The Tears Out Of Bath Time

Bath time can be quite a chore with a 10 month old baby. Trying to wash their hair is almost, downright impossible due to water getting in their eyes or running down their face. We have had many a night of screaming with Nana (my niece) around here. She loves to splash and play with her toys, but when it is time to wash her hair, she just isn't having it.  Kair Bath Visor takes all the tears and screaming out of bath time.

There are a lot of other shampoo shields or water visors on the market, but there’s nothing quite like the Kair Bath Visor. Most bath visors are either open-ended like a half circle, or closed-ended like a full circle. 

Both types have their pros and cons.

Open-ended versions allow the hair on the back of the head to be washed, but they usually don’t securely hug heads with different sizes and shapes, so water, soap or shampoo still make their way into kids’ eyes.

Closed-ended versions are more secure and tight-fitting for a certain size of head, but they may be too loose for a smaller head or too loose for a bigger head. In other words, they have to fit the wearer’s head exactly, or else they won’t work effectively. In addition, they also make it difficult to wash the hair on the back of the head.

Kair Bath Visor gives you the best of both worlds. Since it is open-ended, it is suitable for all head sizes, and since it uses an air-filled sealing tube, it can also accommodate all head shapes. 

The air-filled sealing tube is specially designed to adjust to the shape of the wearer’s head in order to make sure that soap, water and shampoo can’t pass through, regardless of head size and head shape, while still allowing the hair on the back of the head to be washed.

 The Kair Visor comes in a single size that can be used by children of all ages, because it is designed to fit all head shapes and sizes from that of a 6-month-old baby to that of an adult. The neat thing about this visor is it grows with your child. When it is time for your child to start washing their hair on their own, simply flip the visor around. Presto, now your child can wash their own hair and not worry about soap getting in their eyes.

  Kair Visor is super comfy due to air-filled sealing tube is made of soft silicone BPA Free rubber material. he air inside the tube forms an air cushion between the embedded headband and your child’s head, making the visor ultra-comfortable to wear. These materials were chosen after several types of materials were carefully studied, examined, and tested. Not only are they safe and comfortable, but they are also lightweight and durable.

I love that this product was created by a dad. Parent made products are the best, because they are created from a parent to help other parents. I tend to shop more parent made products then something created from a huge company. These parents have been there and saw a need, wanting to help other parents created something awesome.

Since we started using this visor we have been having a blast at bath time. There is no more screaming or tears. Nana is no longer afraid when we go to wash her hair of all the water splashing over her head. This is a wonderful product that you will use for years on end.

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