Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sims FreePlay

I am a huge fan of the Sims. So how the Sims FreePlay escaped my attention I will never know. The different aspects of the game have me glued to my Kindle. It has something for everybody. Whether you love to build/design or complete quests this will have you busy for months on end.

Create New Babies 

Advance Them To The Toddler Stage

The Circle Of Life

Sims FreePlay is meant to let your imagination run wild. Create day cares, haunted mansions, retirement homes, hospitals, and more. You can build from the ground up. With the new update you have access to five story buildings and basements.

Day Care I Created For My Toddlers

My Spooky Haunted House

You can own pets. Dogs, cats, dragons, fairies, and more. They help you find money and Life Style points.

Take up hobbies in your spare time.  

Salsa Dancing
Spell Casting
Toddler Playhouse
Ghost Hunting
Fashion Design
 Collecting Shells 
Figure Skating
Skill Testing
Music Writing
Arcade Gaming
Bird Feeding

Sims FreePlay is available for download for your phone or tablet only, on both the Apple and Android markets.  

Come join me in an adventure that grows every week!

The Sims FreePlay Trailer
The Sims FreePlay has grown into such a massive adventure since launch, and with 2 million Simmers here on Facebook, we thought it was time to share our brand new trailer showing the entire Sims FreePlay experience! Check it out!
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