Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday KK

What to do when your baby is quickly growing into a beautiful, young lady? My answer would be:  lock her in a room with no windows so nothing could ever take away her innocence. However that is not an option, not to mention illegal. 

My K, was born right before my daughter M passed on and went to Heaven. So between us there is a special bond like no other. She is the one that got me through all that grief and pain in that period of my life. All my love was poured into her as I struggled to cope with the gut retching hurt that consumes your soul after the loss of a little one. Out of the fire strengthen a mother and daughter bond that is stronger than life itself.

How quickly birthdays come as you get older! I can remember a time when the year seemed to drag by. Now that I am older my children's birthdays come faster and faster. Soon they all will be grown and all that will be left is a whisper of the children they used to be. So I savor each and everyday with them to bank away memories of their childhood!

My K is one special young lady! A straight A student, on the cheerleading squad, and has tons of friends. She has my quirky personality and a love for all animals. To think back in Pre-K she was diagnosed with learning disabilities and was in a special program. She has came a long way! Mainstreamed early on and has conquered her disability with grace. An avid reader and of course an YouTube fanatic!

K is determined to be a lawyer. Not just any lawyer, but a lawyer that specializes in helping children that are in need. She also wants to help animals and partner with charities that fight for animal rights. She claims that she has no need of "boys" and would be happy to be surrounded with forty cats. I know that is just a passing whimsy. Sooner or later some young man will catch her eye, but momma bear will be protecting her cub! 

So Happy 15th Birthday to one special, young lady that one day will do great things in many lives. I will do my best to protect you and guide you through this troublesome world. I can't do much about the tears you will cry, but I will have a shoulder for you to lean on. I can't do anything about the times when your heart will break, but I promise to help you pick up the pieces every time. Maybe even knock the person who broke your heart across the head. Mostly I urge you to see the beautiful things in this life. Watch the sun set and rise, be thankful for every moment you have, in the blink of the eye it can be over. 

I love you my baby girl. I am so proud of the young lady you are and the woman you are growing into!

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